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Phantom Files, Round 7 Wrap
Canada Day 2011 - 'THE BEST OF THE BEST'
Phantom & Jean Grey combine for Round 6 Wrap, Round 7 Preview
Rogers Cup OAFL Discount
Phantom Files, Round 5 Wrap, Round 6 Preview
Jeans Back - Round 5 Preview

OAFL League Standings

1 Etobicoke Kangaroos 7 7 0 314 28
2 Guelph Gargoyles 8 6 2 237 24
3 High Park Demons 6 5 1 194 20
4 Toronto Dingos 7 4 3 126 16
5 Toronto Eagles 7 4 3 118 16
6 Hamilton Wildcats 6 4 2 114 16
7 Broadview Hawks 7 3 4 113.4 12
8 Central Blues 7 1 6 44.38 4
9 Toronto Rebels 7 1 6 31.37 4
10 Ottawa Swans 8 0 8 26.56 0

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Welcome to the homepage of the Ontario Australian Football League (OAFL) where you will be able to get the latest information on what is happening within the league and with footy around the world. This site is intended to be informative and interactive and we encourage you to share any of your footy experiences (photos, videos or stories) with the entire footy community. So please take the time to browse the site, check back regularly for updates and above all and support footy within your community.

The Ontario Australian Football League is the oldest and most competitive Australian football competition in North America. The OAFL is a member of AFL Canada which is the representative body of the Australian Football League (AFL) based in Melbourne, Australia. The league was formed in 1989 and currently has 11 member clubs spread throughout Southern Ontario and Quebec. Each club recruits players from the communities in which they are based, and provides a competitive fun filled environment for people to learn a new sport and compete to the best of their ability.

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OAFL Events
Toronto Downtown Dingos 15th Annual AFL Grand Final REPLAY!!
Demons Grand Final Party - Fri 24th Sep
Blues AFL Grand Final Party - Fri 24th of Sep
Toronto Dingos 15th Annual AFL Grand Final Party - Sept 24th
Toronto Eagles Golf Classic - June 27th
Toronto Dingos 6th Annual Golf Day - June 27th